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Hello to all!

I’m a newbie here so I hope I do not do anything wrong.
I have a very simple question (checked in the database - didn’t find the answer though): is it difficult to create / program an add-on for Rapidweaver, given the fact that I have Stacks 3.5 already installed?

Thanks a lot for your concern and your answer(s).


Hi, Joerg,

Check this free Builder stack from Stacks4Stacks and see if this is suitable for your needs.

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Wow, that was quick, thank you very much Rob. I’ll give it a try as quickly as I can, but thanks again.


Great, thank you very much Jannis. I’ll dig into that too. Apart from this - since you are an Add-on Developer, may I ask you another question, please? Although I don’t know how it works on this forum if I ask another question within a topic. But I’ll try it anyway: What I actually need is a kind of exchange platform of text documents and of audio material. I’m a teacher and I have decided to create a password protected website where I could deposit the productions (mainly tests) of my colleagues of other colleges. Do you know if there is a stack serving precisely that purpose? I have searched the web for a few hours but I didn’t find anything convenient. I’m not really looking for a CMS (at least not yet) since I would monitor what would land on the website at first, but maybe later on … All I have found is rather ugly and not very easy to manipulate (most people I’ll have to deal with are not to keen on computing!). So basically, what I’d need on that specific page of the website is a preview of the text document, the text document itself, the audio document next to it (if any) and a download button. As simple as that …Got any idea if such a stack is existing somewhere in the world or do I have to create it on my own?
Thanks again for all replies

From your description I’m not exactly sure about the specifics of what you want to do, but take a look at these two to start with and see if they fit your needs:

The Fileman Stack from Stacks4Stacks


The Page Safe Stack from Joe Workman.

Alternatively you could look at using Sitelock, which integrates well with Rapidweaver.

If these don’t fit what you need come back and say why and go from there.



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Hi Mark,

Thx for your reply. I know both products and I’ll definitely go for Page Safe as far as the password protection is concerned. The Fileman Stack would serve my purpose as such - but it’s not very aesthetic is it? (Sorry, Stacks4Stacks, no harm intended). Now, I read on the Fireman Stack page that it’s possible to iFrame it - which I’m not too sure to understand but I suppose that one can use another program to redesign the interface - which is definitely too “computerish” for my colleagues, I’m afraid. They mention FancyView and TopBox - would have to check Stacks4Stacks about the possibility to modify the interface.
Sitelock looks nice but unaffordable for me I suppose.

But thank you anyway for your suggestions.


v1.4 will get an additional download table stack soon.


Forgive me for disagreeing on that one, Joerg. Sitelok is a whole ecosystem that protects your site, manages membership/passwords and includes a great semi-automated email system. On top of that, you can get many specialized plugins for Sitelok. And the developer’s support is second to none. In my view, Sitelok is a bargain… :sunglasses:

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