Newby Q: limiting site access

I just got access to RapidWeaver via my SetApp subscription and am really considering switching over to it from Wordpress. Before I invest a lot of time learning it, and Stacks, and Foundry, I have one specific project I need to ask for advice on.

I have been running a private intranet site for a group of physicians and want to hide site content from the general public. I don’t want a membership system, however (too much work for me). Two things I have done in the past with Wordpress is using OAuth with their Google accounts, or just requiring a PIN to enter the site.

How would an experienced RapidWeaver admin achieve the same or similar in a RW8 site?

Thank you for any insights.

Are you planning on using stacks?

Being new to RapidWeaver you’ll find most of the addons available require using a stacks page.

Since you mentioned foundry your going to be using the stacks plugin.

Check out @joeworkman’s PageSafe. for simple password or pin access

Thank you. But $40?

[edit: just realized this is one of the difference between WP and RW. But I am happy to pay for quality software and support.]

There’s a lot of paid addons, but there’s also quite a few free or donationware.


RapidWeaver isn’t open source like WP. But a lot of the quality WP addons are paid as well like Elementor, Oxygen or Divi.

RapidWeaver is a much smaller community, but you’ll find the support from most developers and users excellent.

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If you don’t want to spend $40 you can search the internet for relevant code you can insert into RW to do the same thing.

What you are paying $40 for is at least 2 things: making it much easier to set up and use (e.g. no searching) and it looks better (i.e. no amateur looking login page or area). I agree it is expensive for what it is but the bottom line is it does its job well and looks good. It also offers some key flexibility in terms of setup.

I know you said you don’t want to use a membership approach, but a fair number of RW users employ SiteLok for creating membership sites (paid or unpaide members). It’s also $40 and offers much great functionality. But there is a bit more elbow grease you need to employ. At any rate, it’s a great addition if you change your mind about setting up a membership site. More here:


This is a great answer and thank for taking the time to write it. I think I’m going to like it here.

Sure, glad to help!

If you do go for Sitelok, it’s worth getting @joeworkman Sitelok stack - it takes much of the aforementioned elbow grease out of the equation…

I’m using PageSafe. Took me all of 60 seconds to set up (I’ve been using RW for less than 6 weeks, so I’m anything but an expert).

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I think you’re going to LOVE it here!

Clark I’ve been working on websites for decades and the level of support and customer service on this site, and also on the individual developers websites, is world class. Much better support than I remember Wordpress having, and once you learn how easy it is to use RapidWeaver you’ll fall in love with it.

I recommend that if you are switching from Wordpress to RapidWeaver that you get to know some of the Stack developers. Their websites show you what Stacks they have developed, and some even offer free demo Stacks so you can download and play around with the Stack before you invest in it.

Speaking of demo Stacks check out 1LD (One Little Designer) Stack called Restrict Content ( Restrict Content - RapidWeaver Stack by 1LD ). It only cost 14.99 and they have a demo available for you to check out. All of the 1LD Stacks are very well done and they have great customer service.

You can also check out a Stack called Lookup ( Lookup | Stacks4Stacks ) from another great Stacks developer called Stacks4Stacks. It is only $10 and might be all you need. He also has a free demo to try before you buy. Also incredibly good customer service!

The great thing about using Stacks for RapidWeaver beginners is that it gives you lots of options and generally they are very straight forward and easy to use. Like you I used to use Wordpress too. It was OK but RapidWeaver is a better way to go if you’re really serious about creating a professional website without all the coding hassles.

You’re going to love it here Clark :slight_smile:

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