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Is there a Stack which i can implement in Rapidweaver 8 where i can LOGIN / Register to a site and i will be allowed to upload a file to a server.

Is there a STACK available for RAPIDWEAVER 8?


Check out inStacks Software | Repository Stack - Perfect for Warehousing File Manager, Media Browser, FTP Application, Online Text Editor


Repository stacks, works really well!

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If you want to have an image upload system built into a CMS and dynamic content display, then take a look at EasyDB - FreeForm Pro : https://www.stack-its.com/stacks/easydb.php



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Thanks @instacks.

I just need a login page (where users can register and are able to change their passwords) and then they can upload just one document to a server. Word/pdf but just one not more.

You can find screenshots attached.
Is that possible?

No. Repository stack is a full fledged document management app.

I guess what you need is more a form.

Oh yeah thats to much for me.
I just need a login stuck which allows registered users to upload one document to a server.

Do you know something how that can be done?

Thanks in advance.

You might have a look at @vibralogix Sitelok.

It will handle the logins.

Ok, i looked it up. But how can it be implemented to Rapidweaver 8?

Have a look at this manual

And this video

There’s also a set of stacks available from Weaver Space that can make setting up a bit easier, but the setup isn’t hard without the stacks.

Thanks. That looks good.

And do you know how i can implement a stack for a document upload?

Not knowing what is going to be uploaded (size, quantity, etc) it’s hard to say for sure.

Many hosting companies have limits on sizes.

Many of the form stacks offer the ability to upload files.

@Lars746 please see @teefers comment. That applies. In addition, Sitelok and Repository work together well as a team. So that’s a fantastic solution for some uses.

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Sitelok ha a plugin for user files that allow upload

This is a sample…very simple…
Login to page…with @joeworkman PageSafe
Send Form…FormSnap and allow upload of file.
Pin is 5555

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Sounds good!
Thanks to all of you for the help.
I found something where i can upload documents.
I am using now FORMSNAP 3. Thats nice. Does somebody know how i can change the design (color & text) in that stack?

Moreover i need help by a feature for REGISTRATION & Login stack? Is there anything available?

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Thanks @teefers.
I am now using the FORMSNAP Stack for the upload but how can that be connected with a REGISTRATION and login page?

Just if the User is registrated or but in the right password and username he will be allowed to get to the upload page?
Otherwise the user will not be able to get logged in.

How and with what tool/stack that can be done that users just get to the FORMSNAP upload button when they logged in right?

There is a stack that will create a registration / login / account profile for the Sitelok but you still need to purchase Sitelok from Vibralogix to use this stack from @joeworkman in your RW. But both developers provide excellent support on it and I am using it for CMS administration panel with different staff members with different levels of access.

@joeworkman also have CMS stack with upload fuction as well too that might work for your need. It come with a 30 days free trial to test it to see if it will work for you.