Creating arrow graphics that point from text to image

Is there a way to create a simple graphic of an arrow that can be used to link text to images on the screen?

Ideally would need some control over rotation and placement on the screen.
Can this be done with a stack or would I need to create some kind of graphic file outside RapidWeaver and bring it in as an image?

I don’t know why you couldn’t do it in a grid or columns or just use something that wraps the text around the image
But if none of those work, then maybe this stack which allows layers on layers …
But just using a grid or 3 column stack should work? Simplest.
You can make the arrow in your favorite graphics program or use a keyboard character.
Or use one of the animation stacks similar to this?

Are you talking about something like this:

Each arrow can be a link to a site or a light box?

This is With the demo version of HotSpotsPro from @willwood, It’s using a FA arrow (with a little CSS to set the angles).


Chuck, Those are some interesting stacks.
I use Foundry all the time but never have seen the Animagic.
So far my website is aesthetically sparse, mostly sort of just a syllabus of things I need to discuss.
That Stacks4Stacks wrap around text also looks like something that would lend alot.

I looked at HotSpots Pro yesterday. I will definitely add that to the pipeline too.

The arrow graphics I was alluding to were more like this attached jpeg.
The blue part of the description would be the link.

My Points stack does what you seem to want. It integrates with a bunch of 3rd party stacks as well so that you can do a lot of things with it.


Is there a way to have the highlite only show up if you are hovering over it?
Would like to be able to see a pristine picture of a kitchen then only see the points as I pass over them with cursor.

Is this possible?

You could set the point type to be “none” then have the action trigger on hover. This way you would never have a point. But you could still have actions based on click or hover.

However, by hiding points on page load, it may not be apparent to people that they can do actions on the image.

OK thanks Tim, that drawing makes things clearer.
I am someone who actually purchased Joe’s Points Stack recently but haven’t taken advantage of using it yet so it didn’t spring to mind immediately :wink: I think it could be the most elegant and easiest solution.
And you can add the arrows to the picture using the Preview App and then have the points trigger on hover, sort of a compromise …

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