Help with sectionsbox and sectionspro


on one page of my website I want to have a couple (3 or 4) of small separated pictures in a row.

Each of these pictures should serve as a button for an internal link to another page of my website. There should be a word/labeling placed in the picture.

And second, the picture should blur or fade out or something like that, when I hover over it.

I know that should be possible with sectionsbox because bigwhiteduck has an example like that on his site. But up to now I couldn’t find an instruction of sectionsbox and sectionspro that I really understand. Obviously I am to unexperienced.

So can somebody help me with my project? Or tell me where I get a good explanation of how sectionsbox works (I know the sparse explanation on the bigwhiteduck website).

Or can somebody tell me about an alternative I could use to realize my project?

Thank you

On the BWD site, you can download an example project file with some of the examples shown on the website. Have you tried that? (there’s a downloads button to the right).

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Thanks for your answer!
The example gives me at least an impression what to do.
Unfortunately Rapidweaver freezes when I leave the layout mode (with that example) out of an unknown reason so that I cannot sea what is really happening. I will try further.

Are there some other suggestions?

Thank you

Take a look at ImageWizard from stacks4stacks you should be able to achieve all the effects you want and it is easy to use.

Thank you Lang.
That is what I was looking for.
Noe I only neeed a stack that helps e to open up my eyes to find the right stack.

Good morning Ai, Below is a link to a useful page. Also, as you have proved, the Rapidweaver Forum is always a good place for answers.

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