Build a page with rectangle sections?

Hi i need to built a page like this ( screenshot ) .
I’d like to do square or rectangle section in different color background maybe into Extra Container for example…
I dont want a section with border or padding to the edge of the website page u know… i want exactly like you see into screenshot.

Any suggestions please?
Thank you so much.

Take a look at Big White Duck’s Sections Pro, Box and related stacks. You’ll find them here.

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This is one of the main applications of SectionsPro which has redefined how to build web sites using RapidWeaver.

You can see it in action in most of my Projects and this one takes it a few steps further and shows how to control the width (if you want to) and to add graphics overlayed on multiple boxes.

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it seems to be right to Foundation theme… ?! Not for all themes ?!
There is no way to have color background section till the edge of the page? ( like screenshot )
Thank you

The Sections stacks work with all Rapidweaver themes. You will only be able to get edge to edge boxes if your chosen theme supports them or if you’re prepared to hack the theme a bit. Many themes support edge to edge boxes.


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Well i check Sections Pro better to do it … is it possible to do half and half section box with 2 colors like into my screenshot?
Anyway could u suggest me some themes “edge to edge” boxes please?
Thank you so much

Themeflood and Elixir Graphics and Henn Vrieselaar all do themes with
edge-to-edge elements.