Embed RW pages (section) in to other RW pages


I would like to know if the next situation can be done with just Rapid Weaver or will I need a framework or add on to achieve this.

I would like to create content (image and text or a form) that will be used on many pages within a total website but stored in one place (like eg top or bottom navigation but here it is just a section used on all te different pages). Just to avoid creating the same content over and over again and when you want to change, the header, content, image or a simple typo. You won’t have to go through all the pages that part is used. See a screenshot of a part of my current website where there was a typo and I have to look over page by page (more than 80 times!) where it was used because they copied and pasted it over and over again.

Do you have the Stacks Plugin?

It’s the most popular RapidWeaver Add-on. With that, there is a thing called Partials that does exactly what you want.

I have Stacks and I have tried what I want with Partials but when I use it on different pages and edit it in one place it is not changed in the other instances. But maybe I’m doing it completely wrong.

Not sure how you ar using Partials?

There is pinned and unpinned content available with them.

If you changed the “pushpin” then the content can (out in the main edit area can be changed on a page by page basis.

By default if you “edit a partial” it should change the content on every page that has that partial.

Have a look at this post, there is a link to a short video (stacks 3 but still applies) at the bottom.

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I think I used it the wrong way. I will check that video and will let you know if this will do.

Yep. Seen it and I found out I used it wrong all the times! Thanks again!

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