Creating extraContents

(Louis Cesar Ewande) #1

How to add extraContents to a theme which doesn’t have or doesn’t have enough?

(Adam Shiver) #2

You would have to rewrite a portion of the theme internally to accomplish what you’re asking about.

(Louis Cesar Ewande) #3

Yeah I guess it should take place somewhere in the html file (?) My question is how?

(Lisa Sandler) #4

Do you know how to update a theme? If not, try a blank theme or Foundation, which lets you create your own ECs.

(David) #5

Would this work for you?

(Lisa Sandler) #6

kicking it old school, as we say, yes, David :slight_smile:

(Louis Cesar Ewande) #7

Trying this with Veerle theme, I get “Hello world!” in the sidebar.

(David) #8

Perhaps Veerle is one of the 1% of themes that it won’t work with. Can you try it on another theme? Also, did you use ‘paste as plain text’ when you pasted it in the sidebar?

(David) #9

Apparently you can also place the EC snippet in the page content wherever you want it to show up. Maybe try that?

(Will Woodgate) #10

@Rubin Veerle is one of the classic freebie themes supplied with RapidWeaver. As far as I know, it has never supported ExtraContent. So no ExtraContent stack or code snippet will work for you in that theme.

Do yourself a favour and don’t waste time with those ancient themes. They are a dead loss! Head over to ThemeFlood or seyDesign and get yourself something better. Even some of the free theme designs there are ExtraContent enabled.

(Louis Cesar Ewande) #11

yeah sure I really didn’t intend to use Veerle :grinning: I just thought it was a good idea to experiment the tweak on a simple theme. Actually I am thinking about using a Nick Cates theme “Writer” and it doesn’t have extraContent so…