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There’s a thread on linking from 2019 that says there should be an orange button at the bottom of the RW window which, once I’ve selected something, I can create a hyperlink from the thing selected. Has something changed since 2019? I’m not seeing the orange link button anywhere.

I do see the button inside a text box, which works with the brilliantly simple RW linking mechanism, but I’ve converted everything over to working in Markdown, which has a really tedious linking mechanism by comparison. But I could have sworn that at one point, you could click on an entire stack, and there was an orange link button somewhere at the top of the RW window. What am I missing?

Hi Steve,

when it comes to headers and paragraphs, you can still turn parts of the text into a link by selecting text and click on the orange ‘link symbol’ on the top left in edit mode.

I’m using Foundry where some of the stacks offer me the possibility to add links.

There’s always the Link Stack by Joe Workman if you want to add links to stacks.


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Thanks, Hans. Apparently the 2019 thread was referring to the top bar in text edit mode. In a RW text stack, you get the really elegant RW link interface, while in Markdown text, you get a really clunky link interface where it inserts Linked Text but the text in the Markdown edit window is tiny, and you have to cut and paste the linked text, whereas in the RW interface, it knows that the text you’ve selected is the linked text. And as I understand it, the RW link interface basically sets a permalink to the page, whereas links set in Markdown are only good until the URL changes, then the link is broken. The only downside to the RW interface is that it doesn’t drill down to anchors on the page, so if you don’t want to go to the top of the linked page, you have to use the URL instead of the page navigator. But with a plain text stack, you lose Markdown. Unless I’m missing something.

I should add that my preferred monitor resolution is 4K (3840x2160) because of graphic stuff I do most of the time. Switching back to just HD (1920x1080) solves the readability problem.

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