Link Box Greyed Out

The Link/Unlink boxes are greyed out while editing. How can I add a link to properly formatted html text?
If I include <AHREF=“”>Read More the link is not functional.

Sorry for posting all these questions but there seemed to be fewer issues with Rapidweaver 5.

There are no issus in RW. You going to do things which are not designed. :wink:

@mokane99, I think you are trying to make this harder than it is :-)…

If you are using an html stack then you write the html code in the stack.(including your link in html code)
If you are using the markdown stack then you write the markdown code in the stack.
These stacks are for manual coding.

If you don’t want to write the code and want to style text and add links just use the text stack that will give you all the style buttons/options etc. to make a link highlight the text first then the link button will be selectable.
Hope that clears up some confusion.

That’s great, but having a link button makes creating a link easier than having to write the a/href etc. here’s the http here’s the closing while continuing on with the content. So why is this button not live? What you have to do is write your text, hightlight it and then right click. Sure it’s a workaround, but then what’s the purpose of the button below?

The problem with Markdown is that it doesn’t always render properly. One line between paragraphs? Check. Then why is there no paragraph break? Is it something in the CSS? There is no CSS. Who knows? So it’s easier to write in html, at least you then have some idea of what’s going on.

I think you have to first get to know and work with RapidWeaver before you describe problems here.
Or, you use another web tool !


Markdown renders perfectly well in RW. Either you aren’t using it correctly, or it is rendering as dictated by the theme’s CSS. Obviously we can’t tell w/o a link.

The “problem” with Markdown might be learning markdown, but it works perfectly fine in RW. No issues whatsoever. The only limit is RW and Stacks don’t do multimarkdown (and thus no footnotes and a few other things).

@mokane99, The problem(s) you seem to be having is that you are trying to do things differently than RW is intended to work and you are making it harder on yourself.

Like I said before, The html stack is for writing html code manually
The Markdown stack is for writing markdown code manually
I would venture to say that a lot of users probably never use them or only occasionally.

If you want to highlight text and change its style, make it a link, change its alignment etc. you just need to use the text stack, then all those formatting options will magically work for you.
There isn’t a limit to how many stacks you can use on a page (as far as I know) so you can “go nuts” put a two column stack on add a text stack to the right 3 image stacks to the left, add a html stack if you need to paste in some html code from a shopping cart system or something, or add a markdown stack if you want a down & dirty markdown table. It’s really quite intuetive and all the tools you could possibily want are there, you just have to use the right tool in the right place.

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The style and link buttons are for use inside Text stacks. If you want to use them, add a Text stack instead of an HTML stack. In an HTML stack (and a Markdown stack) those buttons are disabled and/or invisible (depending on the version of RapidWeaver/Stacks).

This follows the convention of RapidWeaver: A Styled Text page shows buttons for styles and links – HTML pages and Markdown pages do not.

As far as I’m aware this has been the way RapidWeaver has worked since before 2005 when I started using it.

As I said in one of the other similar threads about this topic, I think it’s a reasonable feature request to consider. I’ve put it on my list. :slight_smile: