Creating your own stack?

Where can someone go to learn more on how to create a stack?

Not so much regarding the stack code itself, but specifically how to make it work within Rapidweaver…

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The stacks API Documentation:
Youhead also has a slack channel for asking questions.

Join here:


it’s unclear whether you are trying to CREATE a new stack or USE and existing stack.

if you’re looking for info on how to use a specific stack, then i’d recommend looking at the website of the developer you obtained the stack from. each developer will be different. you may have to contact the developer directly to ask.

if you are looking to create a new stack from scratch, then you should look at – this is the documentation for the Stacks API.

there are also example stacks on the YourHead GitHub site, such as

and of course you can look to the many published stacks available as examples as guidance – however please don’t copy others work unless you have explicit permission to do so.


Create. There currently is no stack to post recipes on a cooking website, so I’m rolling up my sleeves and developing the ultimate recipe stack for Rapidweaver.

I guess necessity is the mother of invention :grinning:


I will buy it!

Thanks for the support Jan! Feel free to post what features you’re looking for. Two main ones for me is that it must have a place to choose the serving size, and it must automatically generate a Nutritional Facts label.

You can build this with inStacks Software | Poster Stack - Blog and Multi-Purpose Content Stack. Or Total CMS. Or any other blog like Stack.

Well yes and no…

Those programs could make a simple text recipe page, but not something that would allow the reader to select the serving size they need, or show the nutritional facts of those ingredients, ETC, ETC

Consider the picture below;

Section A - When a user clicks on the word “servings” a slider appears which allows the user to select how many people the recipe is being cooked for. This doesn’t have to be a slider, sometimes you simply alter a number field, but it’s always adjustable in some way or form. I bought and was going to use CalcStack for this, but it looks to be a bit complicated to use. There is also Formula stack by 1LD. Basically this field should be simple math. If the original recipe was for one, and you need a serving size of four, then you just multiply by 4. If the original recipe called for a serving size of 2, and you want to make it for one, you simply divide by 2, etc. Then the ingredients list auto populates with the correct ingredient amounts.

Section B - User clicks here and can save this recipe in their own online favorites library. There might be a stack that does this but I haven’t found one yet.

Section C - Users can vote on the popularity of the recipe. Doobox makes the “Love It” Stack which can do this. They are the only developer who has a stack that does this.

Section D - When you enter in the recipe ingredients this field is auto generated showing the nutritional facts. It’s actually not very hard to do because there is already a API which does this automatically, but you’d need to make a template for results to be entered into. Not hard, but still no stack currently does this.

These are the main areas where a s simple CMS or blog fails.

These areas don’t have to be in any specific place on the recipe page, but they DO have to be somewhere on the recipe page. The picture above is just a rough example…

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If you can wait a couple of months, Total CMS 2 will do what you want.

Our site was due to be open in February Joe but I can wait. Could you be a bit more specific by what you mean by “will do what you want”? In the example picture posted above A, B, and D are the most important. If Total CMS 2 could at least do those things then I think a lot of people who are currently using WordPress for food blogs and cooking websites would be tempted to switch to Rapidweaver.

As I mentioned earlier in another thread, the people I know who have food blogs and/or cooking websites have told me that they are using WP because of the WP plugins available that make recipe pages, and not because of WP itself.


Total CMS 2 will have something called Business Objects. It will allow you to create your own data schema for an object. Then add, edit, delete them all from your website. Its how Weaver’s Space is powered right now.

Although I have to be honest. 2 months is probably a little over zealous. I am hoping to have something for user by March though.

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