Credit Where Credit Is Due

Far too often we all take service (good service that is) for granted and mostly don’t take the time to praise and applaud those that do take such issues seriously.

For my part I felt it important t step back for a few moments and give credit where credit is both due and been earnt.

I recently needed to make some decisions regarding my web hosting company as their service - package - benefits and costs were way offline compared to the marketplace and what I required for my Rapidweaver site at

Reading threads here in the forum I dug up references to Chillidog hosting - - and decided to contact Greg at the company.

Unlike most impersonal robotic services that we all have to endure and which incidentally take an age to navigate through, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to simply send an email and open a dialogue.

Equally surprising was that the response I received was not from an ‘anonymous catch all department bot’ but from a real live (I think so at least) human who was talking the same language.

Greg provided clear concise answers to all of my (very) numerous queries over a number of days and on each occasion responded in a very timely professional manner.

Not only did Greg provide valuable insight and guidance over the course of our conversations in order that I could make informed decisions he even offered (free of charge) to perform my site migration that included dealing with my mail servers and Cloudflare.

I am delighted to report that the site migration was performed without any hitches and without any downtime and just as importantly without any grief.

A superb effort Greg - very well done it is greatly appreciated !!

Did I also mention that I also saved $$$ into the bargain ? :grinning: :grinning:



You’re not the first to experience this, Paul; and won’t be the last :-).