CSS code for space between thumbs

Looking for a bit of code to space the thumbs on a photo album page a little further apart.
Sides only.
I am using the Ruby theme.
Here is a sample page:


The default is 4px
Try this:

   margin-right: 10px;
    margin-bottom: 10px;

You can adjust the value to what you want.


Thank you for both replies.
This appears to work.

margin-right: 10px;

I have a site with about 45 photo album pages.
Placing that code in Settings>Code>CSS applies it to all the photo album thumb pages.
Can I assume that the code is not adversely affecting the other non-photo album pages?

You should be fine as far as non-photo album pages. Your only overriding the default for items with a class name of .thumbnail-wrap.

Great. Thank you for the help.

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