Rapidweaver image gallery

If someone can give me a quick fix that would greatly appreciated.
I had a number of galleries created in rapid album a plugin long time gone by the wayside-(in rapid weaver 5). It was hunky dory however through osx updates etc they are now unusable.
So I have migrated the site to rapid weaver 8. All good except for the galleries. I am using the standard rapid weaver photos gallery plugin.The thumbnails look fine, however when i actually click on one of the images it is hard aligned on left hand side of the page, I want it centre aligned.
Does any one have maybe a CSS code to do this (bit pissed off that styling of images is so lame in rapid weaver Version 8??, am I missing something?).
Thanks in advance

When I look at my copy of RW 8 I’m not seeing an included Gallery plugin, only a Photo Album.

If what you are adding to your page is the Photo Album then when I do an inspect element on that I see an ID of monoslideshowHolder. You could try

#monoslideshowHolder {
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

It centred the content on the page I built. I added the above code within the page inspector, 3rd tab over titled HTML Code under it’s css tab.

Thx Dan
Yes I did mean Photo album. I was not after a slide show just a static image will include a screenshot. Thanks for your response.

Which theme are you using?

Hi Jannis
Media 9.0 from Themeflood
I do have a copy of gallery 3. which I will probably use. I’m travelling at the moment so I don’t have a huge amount of time. (there are a lot of them and a lot of captions). I thought there might be just a quick fix.

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