RW Photo Album Thumbnails Problem

I’ve unchecked Use square thumbnails but they still show square. They are not square in size.

That happens to me too. I think that maybe the CSS on the theme forces the thumbnails to be square even when unchecked.

Please check the generated output. Did not see this before. I don’t think it is a theme problem, maybe caching?

Here all works fine. Square and original, in all themes I have tested.
I can check, uncheck whenever I want.
Perhaps restart RapidWeaver and the computer.

… or recreate the Photo Album page!

I did some checking, and the square thumbnails is something designed into the theme I’m using. Thanks all for bring that to my attention.

Which theme is it?
I found Spartan, Massv, Open and Reason Pro of NCD (Nick Cates Design) with this effect.

@Oscar, It is Nick Cate’s Strata theme, which I like a lot! I found out that square photo album page thumbnails is a feature of the theme, after it was suggested hereby @joeace. I guess the confusing part for me was nothing happened when I unchecked square thumbnails.