Photo 1.3.0 on RW 7.4.1

Have set up a Photo Stack here.

But those thumbnails are neither correctly-sized; nor in the grid (displaying horizontally) which they are surely supposed to be.

Help, please, anyone with Photo expertise: do I have to manually resize all such thumbnails before importing those image files into Photo?

Which Photo Inspector settings control the layout of thumbnails… I’ve tried altering each of them (columns etc) without success.


Has anyone managed to get Photo working; or is it now perhaps discontinued or no longer supported, please?

How do I get the Thumbnails to display properly - in a grid and the right size?

What’s wrong with this page?

Are you referring to Nick Cates Design Photo Stack?

Hi Phil! I am, Yes. This.

I’ve tried changing every Inspector parameter which might be relevant. But on this test page of mine, I cannot get my images to align in a grid; and the third image (magenta leaves) is larger than the first two.

Do I have to pre-size all images to conform to specific dimensions; if so, which?

I have - BTW - followed the video tutorials; they suggest it all almost takes care of itself.

Shouldn’t the Stack automatically put them in a grid?

I bet it’s something really simple that I’m missing!

TIA for any advice :slight_smile:

For this layout:

I used:


Hope they help


How kind of you to take the time and trouble to post your settings; thanks!

I took mine out and reset as follows:

with this result:

What else could it be?

The third (magenta plant) I re-sized to 648 x 412 pixels - the same as the other two!

Do I have to manually resize all my images before Photo will display them correctly?

If so, to what size?

Could it be Breakpoints?

I tried adding a fourth Gallery; entirely different photos; scrapping and starting again. Same result!

Thanks again!

Let Photo create the thumbnails:

I think/thought - though I could be wrong - that I was doing:

• I’m adding a Photo Group,
• populating it by dragging resized images to the well in the Inspector of Photo Single
• I then make the images all invisible except for one
• at the top of my Stack - just below the Photo Base, I have ‘one last’ (to quote from Nick’s video tutorial) Photo Group which has these settings:

Maybe you can see something wrong with this, Phil; I can’t. Thanks so much!

Suggest you start with “Normal”, get that working then change to target.


My understanding from the video tutorial (‘Gallery Collections’) that is accessible in Stacks > Photo > Manual from this page is that the ‘one more Photo Group’ that you need to create (at the top) has to be ‘Target’… that’s what Nick seems to be saying at about 40 - 43 seconds into that video.

I changed that top Photo Group to ‘Normal’ and this is what I get:

What do I now drag into that Group? I thought that the purpose of that Group - whose type was Target - is to act as a menu with one chosen example image from each other Gallery. Click on that thumbnail and it takes you to the relevant Gallery.

Am I misunderstanding that basic principle?

Hi there.

I read this treat because I want to know if photo stack 1.3 works under RW 7.x ?
Is that problem in this treat a bug or only a Individually occurring problem ?

Thanks for you help.

Or I forgot can someone tell me sites where the photos stacks use ?

Grettings from germany



I have no reason to believe that there is a bug in Photo which is causing it to malfunction as it does appear to be with me.

I suspect it may be my mistake. Only Nick can say!

So I suggest that you keep looking at this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer

This morning I wrote Nick a mail


Please let us know how you get on.

Nick was good enough to send me a zip file yesterday of a RW project with a fully functioning Photo Stack. I’m also on 7.4.1 and it worked perfectly - so I suspect you’ll be OK.

But, as you can see from this thread, I cannot get thumbnails to display as they should in the projects I create. I was beginning to suspect the Theme I was using. So I change the project above to Nick’s own Reason: same result.


Grettings from Hamburg


Here is the answer from NIck

Thanks for asking, yes! All my current product are compatible with RapidWeaver 7. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. Thanks.


Nick is an excellent developer. The difficulty I’m having shouldn’t affect you with the combination of versions that you have. Good luck!

Nick has just written back to me too - and on a Sunday (!) explaining where I was going wrong. It’s necessary to make one thumbnail in the ‘original’ galleries’ Linked - not those in the menu gallery. So… Solved :slight_smile:

Thanks, Nick (and Phil… very grateful!)