CSS Consolidation Problem

Had a report from a user of stock banners missing in the Geometric theme when CSS Consolidation is disabled.

The theme sets a javascript variable in the index.html using %pathto()% to reference a banner image file in the theme. Then in a javascript theme variation I set the image source of an <img></img> tag using this variable. It is done this way because I needed an actual image tag vs setting the background of a div for the banner. I’d previously used the developer community’s RWSetGet to do this, but the new Cache Busting feature busted that, so I went to this method.

That being said, I’m not sure why CSS Consolidation would be affecting whether this <img></img> works or not since it isn’t in a CSS file at all.

Here’s a link to the theme: http://d.pr/f/Jlf7

Let me know if there’s any other info you might need.

Would you be able to provide an example project that shows this issue? Ideally using one of the built-in plugins so we can fully debug it? (Markdown is a favourite of mine, because it’s just so simple)

I’ve tried reproducing the issue by creating my own project, but can’t seem to get it to break. Perhaps there’s another setting I need to toggle?


Oddly, with a new project file I cannot replicate it. But with an older project file converted from RW 6 it occurs: http://d.pr/f/12wp9

Thanks, that helps a lot. Found the issue - it’ll ship with the next release of RapidWeaver :smiley:

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Thanks @simon! You rock!