Bug Report: Incorrect URL when using %banner_path% variable in theme

@simon: I think I remember @Gary mentioning this bug before, but I don’t know what the outcome was since the forum category that the bug report was filed in originally is not available any longer. Seems that the URL is not being output correctly when CSS Consolidation is turned off:

Normally I have CSS Consolidation turned on of course, but since I’ve got it turned off right now due to this bug (Bug Report: @import in a CSS theme variation causes Minification to fail) I have noticed it.

The problem seems to crop up for me on sub-pages but not the main, top-level pages.

Just giving this post a bump so it can get some love.

Thanks for this. If you can send us something reproducible we can get it fixed (e.g. a project that demonstrates the issue).

FYI: Bug reports are best emailed to me - dan@realmacsoftware.com, that way I can deal with them. I can’t keep tabs on everything posted in the forum.

This is a bug that was reported by other developers in the past on the Developer category of the forum before that went away. I believe @simon was already looking into it then.

@simon: If you need an example of this let me know. I think you’ve already got examples of it from previous reports, but I’d be willing to work something up for you and send it along. Just let me know.

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