CSS to DropShadow this stack?

There is a stack called Shape Sector from 1LittleDesigner, that I bought, and have put one instance of it on my homepage. I’m wondering if a CSS guru knows how to put a drop shadow on the output of the stack. You can see it at www.Goravani.com it comes after the “motion” instance and before the expandable grid instance… it’s a purple dripping paint looking divider across the whole page. You can see it in the following screenshot:

I have never done CSS, this would be my first instance of using it, if someone tells me how… which of course, nobody has to, I’m a beggar here… but got inspired to ask by another post where asking was mentioned. I like shadows. I realize this is a complex shape, so I’m not sure it can be done.

Thank you in advance,

Das Goravani

I doubt you’ll get a drop shadow to work on an SVG like you like want it to. You may need @1LittleDesigner to add a feature for something like that. I have no idea how hard it would be to do.

Check out Shady by DooBox;


I don’t think shady will work with an SVG image. Not sure but you can check with doobox or if someone wants to try it.

SVG’s have a filter to create drop shadow effects. The SVG <feDropShadow> filter, you would have to either modify the SVG or get the option added to the stack.

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I have Shady, but I think it will put a box around it, a square.

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