Sidebar links won't link to an anchor on another page

I’m needing help in figuring out what I’m doing wrong with linking to a certain spot on another page. I’m using Rapidweaver 5. On our company website for under the “Field of Work” page there is a sidebar with the heading “Quantic Work History”. When I click one of the listed “links” it should go to that certain spot on the “Work History and Experience” page, but it just pulls up the page at the top with each link and not to the desired heading. I don’t know if I’m writing the link wrong (#something), the anchor wrong, or have some other problem. I know it is somewhat working as it opens the page I want but not the spot on the page.

Yes… looking at the code… the links are all just regular links to the page. Are you using custom attributes in link? I just hand code these myself but it can be done I believe using custom attributes in the RW link panel. Can you tell us what your RW custom attribute looks like. And also the anchor name (one sample) on the page you are linking to.

I just used the page inspector to write the code in. I don’t think I’m using any custom attributes.

Then put in anchor code in text

It appears to me you have smartquotes instead of regular quotes. The quotes need to look like this: " - For coding you always need regular quotes and not smartquotes. I do my coding in BBedit or TextWrangler. If you code in RW make sure smart quotes option is off. I would copy the code into something like BBEDIT (or free TextWrangler) and search/replace all the smartquotes to plain quotes.

Anyway… that’s what it looks like to me… As always… I could be wrong.

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YES!!! that did it. Thank You. :grinning:

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Would like to correct my own “search/replace” advice above… In BBedit the simple way to fix “smart quotes” is to use the TEXT > STRAIGHTEN QUOTES function on the top menu bar. All smart quotes will be converted to regular quotes.