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Before I switched over to Rapidweaver I used to have a program that would take special words or names of products (which I would enter in a list) and then if I was writing something on the site that used that same term or word it would attach a link to it so people could check it out.

Does anything like that exist for RW?

Don’t think so.

But there is great flexibility how to use/ style links, including Markdown links.


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If I understand what you are asking, it sounds like a tooltip? People hover over a phrase or word and a pop-up definition or additional information comes up?

Very similar, only the one I had also popped up images and had links.

You would have a list with certain words on it that you wanted to draw attention to. For example we’ll use the word widget. Then say you had a blog and whenever you used the word “widget” it would automatically be turned into a link, and if you hover on it a picture (or definition) of widget would popup. Click and it would take you to where the link points to. Hope I explained that correctly :slight_smile:

Don’t think you’re going to find anything like that in RapidWeaver.

It’d take a bit of setup but I think you can do this with PopDrop: If you scroll to the TipLists section, you can see some examples (one even has an image in it, so presumably you can use more than just text).

PopDrop can do the ToolTip stuff with images etc. But I don’t think it’s going to do something like “You would have a list with certain words on it that you wanted to draw attention to” and “automatically” read all the text on the page and build the links.

You’re probably right. I thought ‘TipList’ mode might generate it once you’ve set it up, but I think it might just style and store everything and you’d still need to reference/set a link to each word that you want it applied to.

Thanks guys. This might just work. I read somewhere on the site that you can use other stacks within this so it might work after all. I have sent the developer my question and hopefully he’ll say it will work. Either way it’s still a nice stack. Thanks for pointing it out. Appreciate the help :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a quick update; today I came across a stack called TippyPlus which looks very close to what I was searching for.

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