Custom fonts in Rapid Weaver

Hi, I’ve recently started using RW and I would like to use a custom font on my site rather than the default ones, how exactly can I achieve this ?

I think, the best solution for that purpose is the Font Pro Suite (Joe Workman)


Thanks Michael! Here is the link @evervale

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@evervale: And alternatively my Gutenberg Stack, which is also included as Font and Style in my Platform framework:

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Are you using YourHead Stacks? If so, are you using any particular framework (Foundry, Foundation, Source, Platform, UlKit)?

Knowing this will help to give you a more informed response. The previous answers are all certainly valid, but require Stacks, and if you already have a framework, you might already have this capability without the need for further spend.


Hi, I have Platform, but don’t appear to have Gutenburg. How would I go about getting it?

Please note: Gutenberg Functions, NOT Gutenberg stack is included in Platform!

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Hi Goldy(@evervale) and welcome to the forum,

As Adam (@jacksona) points out, all the “canned” solutions mentioned require at minimum you are using the stacks plugin.

If you are new to RapidWeaver and you don’t have the stacks plugin yet (it’s by far the most popular addon), you can still change fonts manually with a little bit of code.

There are people here on the forum that can help you out with that, but they’ll need more information from you to help. Overriding code by hand would need to be tailored to the website.

It’s always best if you can provide a URL to at least a test page

And try and give as much information as you can about what you want to be changed.

BTW, if you do have stacks in addition to what’s been mentioned you might have a look at this free stack from @instacks


@TemplateRepo @joemart1951
The relevant stacks in Platform are called “Font” and “Style”.

OK, those are I presume locked to Platform?

I was confused, as you said “included with” opposed to “versions of included”.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Yes, different names, identical functionality :cowboy_hat_face:

But for clarity, for others and myself for that matter… The Platform versions are locked to Platform?

Platform is a Framework, similar to Foundation & Foundry. If you wanted to use these stacks stand-alone or with a different, that would most probably work, you would have to live with an ugly warning message in edit mode though.

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And just to be complete: for people who already use one of the “other” :sunglasses: Frameworks, there is the Gutenberg stack.

I’ve just had a play with it in Platform, they’re a nice little set of typeface stacks.

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And quite versatile if you use the “Wrap” stack :innocent:

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