I'm finally fed up of Verdana and Times, need a fresh start! Help ;-)

I’ve never been adventurous with fonts when using Rapidweaver, I might utilise a theme’s built in fonts, but otherwise I only ever use the web safe fonts that Rapidweaver itself offers.

I’d like to be more adventurous with fonts, but I still want them to be google friendly (and simple to implement)… what do you guys recommend?

Typography is addictive. Choosing the right fonts for a project is a process that both agonizing and delicious…

I recommend you start with Google fonts. Super easy to implement. If you use Doobox Calligrapher or Stacks4Stacks Fontstack (free but do donate) then really there is nothing to it technically, just choose your googlefont, supply the font name, add in your text content and … that’s about it.

LetterPress is really nice too, but if you want to use Google fonts you need to add the font import line into your document head in order to make it available to the project. You still just supply the font name in the stack settings - it just doesn’t go off and pull it down from Google for you. No biggie.

Having said all of that you don’t actually need to use a stack at all. Nothing stopping you pulling the Google font down in your document head then using custom CSS to apply it to whichever elements you like. Those stacks just keep it simple for you.

I’m using FontStack to use a Google Web Font. I added this code to the Settings/< Code >/Head: section of my RW project.

< link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href=“http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Font+Handlee” >

(I added spaces after and before the <> here so the code shows in this post.) I think that has made the fonts load on my site faster. Is that the correct use of that code?

You could always use Joe Workman’s Letterpress stack (yes I work for Joe). There are two stacks, the main Letterpress stack or the Letterpress box stack which you can stick any stack into.

Does the Letterpress stack preload the Google fonts?

No, you still need to paste the code from Google in head.

OK, so does the code I added look correct? I really have no way that I know of to confirm it works.

Hi Bruce,
your code looks a little different than what I found on Google’s page, this is what I found:

<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Handlee' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Now, by adding Letterpress on your site, you can put all of the content on a page into a Letterpress Box and set the Custom font to Handlee and put that code into your Header area on the Page Inspector and all of the content of the page will get the new font. See my video here:

Thanks for the updated code. That seems to eliminate the errors I was getting. I will look at your video and consider Letterpress.

I very much appreciate everyone’s willingness to provide help here on the RM community board as I learn to use RW.