NEW! Font Pro for RapidWeaver

Font Pro is our next game changing product. It provides you will all of the tools that you need to use world class fonts on your websites. Great typography is both beautiful and powerful. Choosing the correct font can elevate your content to an entirely new level. All while making your brand stand out in the crowd.


I’ve been testing this for a while and its a real game changer.
Total control over your fonts, and I mean TOTAL control, we all know about Google fonts and what a difference they can make to a site, with FontPro and either a good webfont(s) or Adobe TypeKit you can achieve an amazing difference.
I’m no type guru but when I first used a webfont in FontPro I was blown away by the quality, I’d never realised that good kerning and tracking could make such a massive visual difference.


I currently use Stacks 3. Does this work on Stacks? or is this generally a foundation stack? I watched the video however it doesn’t state that it will work on Stacks etc.

Yes, it will work with stacks and will work in other themes, not just Foundation. It is integrated a lot with Foundation though, so if you have that, it makes life easier!

If I wanted to control the fonts on the blog plugin page, would it work with PlusKit?

Good question. I don’t see why this would not work…

I’ve had luck with other font stacks. Am really interested in being able to more directly/easily link in with Typekit/Hoefler and then style in detail. I think I’ll grab a copy.

The official demo project is built with RapidWeaver 7. I ported the project over to RW6 for users that do not have 7 yet. Some images do not show up because I was using some new things in RW7. But the rest of the project is solid.

RW6 project download:

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Looks great @joeworkman - nice job!

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Any where i can find really basic instructions for Font Pro please. plaeseeeee

Joe made a series of videos on YouTube for Font Pro. I found them very useful.

There’s also Joe’s official support portal for Font Pro.


This looks promising - can it integrate and override the CSS font settings of purchased themes? In particular, I’m using a few themes from Nick Cates Design that have preset font settings for page tabs and header/footer which I’d like to change and override to use the Gotham font (for example). Would this Font Pro stack do that?

Font Pro’s really powerful but if Gotham’s a Google font, then you could also look at

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Yes. Font Pro would allow you to do that.

Font Pro does a lot more than just load a font I. The page as well. It has a very powerful tools for properly selecting what elements to apply to as well as tons of font styles that can also be applied.

I’ve done this personally on NCD themes using Google Fonts and Hoefler. No better way. Works as advertised.

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Can somebody help me? I am using Font Pro I am installed and everything looks great on my iPhone and on Chrome but in Safari, my Typekit is not loading properly?

@joshandrewbrown I use Typekit with FontPro and find it necessary to use Advanced > Force! to make the fonts apply properly on my site. It has always been this way.

where can I find that?

Example site please for the curious ones!

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