Purchased web fonts

I am using RW + Foundation stacks + BWD stacks on most of my web designs.

When I go purchase web fonts, what the best way to include it in the RW to use it in web designs?

I seen several fonts stack out there but I could not tell from the description if we could add our own fonts we purchase from other into the font stack or how do go about adding fonts to it to use on our web designs.

Thank you

You can use FontPro

CustomFont stack from Instacks is a good option too: https://instacks.com/customfontstack/

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Also, if you’re using something like Header Pro or Paragraph Pro, there’s a built-in setting. if you use ‘web font’ option where you can point to a specific font but you first need to upload the font somewhere on your server and then point to that location in your Header/Paragraph Pro setting.

Font Pro works really well with his combination, IMHO.

Thank you everyone for your feedbacks on this.

I decided to go with Joe Workman FontPro stack after watching his tutorial video on it.

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Yeah, CustomFont Stack features most of the functionality other alternatives do.

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