Custom Styles not taking effect

I’m trying to apply a custom theme to the Storm theme (or any theme for that. matter) and when I reveal them in finder and try to install them they don’t show up as a custom style in Master Styles. If I try to reinstall them RW says that they are already installed.

Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

How are you installing them? Are they going into the correct version / location of RapidWeaver?

I’d always recommend dragging and dropping them onto the RW dock icon.

Double-click installs are not as reliable as they once were for any RW addons…

This is how I’m installing them Will.


the last screenshot is what I get when I try to install the custom style. Then when I try to apply the style it isn’t there. I’m at a loss.

I figured it out. Once I changed a couple of things in the theme then used the dropdown my custom style showed up. I have no idea why.

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