Migrating Custom Theme Styles to RW6

(Gary McAlpine) #1


I have just migrated my first project over to RW6 and can’t wait to get started. It looks great! All my plugins, stacks and the theme for this project (HV-Rainbow) are up to date but I’ve lost all my custom theme styles as created in RW5. The only post I found was this one RapidWeaver 6.3.1 Beta 2 but it is now closed.

I manually copied all the custom styles in the “Theme Styles” folder on my old mac into a new folder I created in ~/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/ . This did not work. I’m sure there must be a fool proof way to retain all the custom styles - this is especially important for more complex projects with multiple styles on different pages.

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(Menno) #2

Hi Gary,

All (3rd party) themes, theme styles, snippets, stacks and plugins in RW6, now are located at: ~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver
Copy or move (if you’re not using RW 5 anymore) your Theme Styles folder to that location, restart RW6 and all custom styles should be available again.


(Gary McAlpine) #3

Many thanks Menno,

Coincidentally Henk Vrieselaar just got back to me with the same advice. I had to create the folder “Theme Styles”. I then copied the custom style and relaunched RW6 then opened the project file. The custom style now appears in the Theme Styles pop down menu however RW6 does not remember the style assigned to a pages and I had to reassign it. This is not a major problem, but perhaps something the RW developers can fix in a future update.

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(Pedro Perdomo M.) #4

Hi Gary,

I think this tutorial would be useful.



(Gary McAlpine) #5

Thanks peppermint,

I’ll try to get my small brain round that :smile:


(Gary McAlpine) #6

Just spotted a small bug in RW 6.3.6 relating to this;

When I choose a Themes Style for a particular page RW applies the style immediately above that which is selected in the pop down menu. In this screen-capture if I want CRC-Home I need to select CRC-no pulse.

Strange one!