Bug Blog Theme Telsa Pro?

Sorry for my bad english…

I have already contacted Elixir Graphic their support form but after a week I unanswered! That is why I turn to you.

Theme: Tesla Pro.
RapidWeaver 6.3.5 (15114)
Mac OSX El Captain 10.11.1

When I use the blog plugin and I develop “read more …” Then the main menu disappears?
Unable to return to another page unless you use the bread crumb!

Can you help me ?

NB: Where the French forum, I can not find it?


J’ai déjà contacté Elixir Graphic par leur formulaire de support mais après une semaine, je suis sans réponse ! C’est pourquoi, je me tourne vers vous.

Thème : Tesla Pro.
RapidWeaver 6.3.5 (15114)
Mac OSX El Captain 10.11.1

Lorsque j’utilise le plugin Blog et que je développe « read more… » Alors le menu principal disparait ?
Impossible de revenir sur une autre page à moins d’utiliser la miette de pain !

Pouvez vous m’aider ?

NB : Où est le forum francophone, je ne le trouve plus ?


We’re aware of this issue - it’s one in RapidWeaver, and we’re working to figure out ways to fix this (it’s not a straight-forward fix).


Thank Nik, i’m waiting the corrective

I have the same problem and am using business because of it. Elixir haven’t replied to my support request either!

Is there a fix for this yet. I have just purchased rapidweaver 6 & the tesla pro theme but cannot use for my blog as the menus don’t function correctly. Do you know when this will be fixed. Many thanks to anyone who can help.

I’d like a fix for this too. Thanks in advance.