Fonts missing, some don't work right, from Tesla Pro theme

Three fonts included with the (Elixir graphics) Tesla Pro theme are gone. The Arvo, Noto Serif, and Open Sans fonts are gone from the pulldown menu; Format > Web Safe Fonts, as well as the clickable font icon at the bottom of the RapidWeaver page.

I’m running RapidWeaver 7 (Version 7.5.5) with Mac OS High Sierra (Version 10.13.5).

When I try to change text in a Text stack (YourHead 3.0.0) to a font such as Open Sans, the font does not appear in the list of available fonts. The Text stack is in a (YourHead) Stacks 3 plugin Version 3.6.0 container.

I think I recently updated the Stacks 3 plugin after not working in RapidWeaver for a while. So I noticed the missing font issue only today.

Here’s what the default fonts look like, but the Tesla Pro themes fonts of Arvo, Noto Serif, and Open Sans, are missing:

Could you please help figure out what I did wrong to make the fonts go away? Thank you.

And the Helvetica font doesn’t produce Helvetica text, instead, I get this:


I don’t have the Pro version of the theme but usually you set the theme’s fonts using the Master Style settings. It’s here you’d select, for example, Open Sans as your body font or header font rather than picking them off the Format menu. That’s for websafe fonts.

There are other ways to apply fonts but I think you need to look in Master Styles.



Rob, you solved the issue!

I wanted to use the Open Sans font, bold style, to make some easy-to-read, colored text. The thick, colored text stands out nicely when used sparingly.

Thank you for pointing out I should’ve set the Body Font in the Master Settings to Open Sans font.

-Ernie Marsh

No problem. Glad to be of service!

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