Fonts look OK on Chrome and Safari, not OK on Firefox

Hi all again.

I’m almost done with my site:
I have a problem with the fonts (I think Helvetica Neue and Helvetica Neue Bold).
I’m not sure those are the right fonts because I copy-pasted them from an old text file to my Rapidweaver project.

The fonts are shown properly on Chrome and Safari, however on Firefox they look like Times New Roman.

Is there a way to fix this?


I still can’t find a solution for this problem.
I was wondering if I can fix it by adding the font to my cPanel, modifying the css style sheet. I tried, but failed.

How are you adding the font family and style? The theme? CSS?
I played around a bit in the firefox developer tab and replaced your style= with the following:

style=“font:17px Helvetica Neue; font-weight:bold; color:#4C4B4E;”
and that worked.


Is the font name supposed to be: HeliveticaNue-Bold (I could not get this to work at all)?
If so, why are you also adding a bold style on top of that.?

Curious how you are selecting this font and style.

Thanks for your reply, Scott.

I copied the font from a PDF file in my computer. I pasted it from the PDF directly to the Rapidweaver project. I don’t like any of the fonts included in the theme I am using (Codex), except for the font in the navigation bar (I didn’t edit that).

When I published the site I noticed it was working properly on Chrome and Safari, but not on Firefox. I’m no expert, so I tried to fix the problem myself following this guide:

It didn’t work.

Okay, just to be clear, you are saying you pasted the text from a pdf file into RW? - That’s a Big no-no.
You can paste it but it needs to be pasted as plain text. Browsers do not take kindly to attributes from word processors etc. I’m very surprised you aren’t having many more issues. Have you tried it on a phone, Windows device etc.?

To do it properly, You add text styling via RW.
You can load web fonts like Google fonts and others using code snippets in the site wide code area there are also several font stacks out there that make it easier if you are using stacks pages. But if you pasted in styled text from womewhere things are going to be unpredictable at best.


Thanks, Scott.

I downloaded a font stack. Now I’m trying to fix it.

I ended up using Arial instead of HelveticaNeue. The fonts look very similar.

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