Problem with Google Fonts and Calligrapher(?)

Hi all…

I spent nearly a day with Gary from Doobox trying to figure out why suddenly my Google fonts aren’t showing inside the Calligrapher stack. Gary was great for spending so much time on this with me, however, we weren’t able to figure out why this is happening. He suggested that it looks like my system is blocking google fonts for some reason. I’m waiting to hear back from yourhead software to see if they have any suggestions.

Has anyone else had this problem? Google fonts have been on my site for a long time and now everywhere there was a g font, there’s a generic serif font. Also my site seen on Safari is all FUBAR with font sizes all different, line spacing and image spacing and sizing is all wrong. Firefox and Chrome look ok except for the lack of Google fonts.

Using RW 6.3.7 and all my stacks are updated and current.

Anyone have any ideas? BTW, my site looks okay and google fonts show up using an iPhone and an iPad mini. I’ve got 4 projects that I’ve had to put on hold because of this problem. Someone help…please!

Thanks, Barry

I should add, that as we discussed yesterday, Your site looks perfect to me in every browser, not just on mobile. As discussed the issue appears to be isolated to your set-up. Either in your machine or on your network. As I’m writing this, add-blocking browser extensions are in mind. But I did say to try and turn of all browser extensions yesterday, so I’m really at a loss, after trying everything I could think of yesterday.

It just struck me I missed an obvious question yesterday.
Can you see the google fonts displaying correctly on my demo page? (I can).
If so, I’m even more at a loss.

Assuming you can see the google fonts on my demo page, but still do not see them on your page, when everyone else does. You have to be looking at a cached page when your viewing. You don’t have cloud flare. So the only thing I can think of that could cause you and you alone to be seeing a cached page, when you have cleared the browser cache and refreshed, is if you have triggered the firewall on your server (where you host the site). This would cause this. You can trigger the firewall by for example attempting to login with incorrect details a given number of times in a given period. This could be from anywhere, either directly of from one of the apps you have installed that uses your ftp credentials, like Rapidweaver.

Gary, I can see the google fonts on both your site and on the google font site. All exts are deactivated. I haven’t logged into my ftp with incorrect credentials and I only log in via RW’s ftp. I just logged in manually without a problem. But, I’ll give them a call (GoDaddy) tomorrow and see if they have any ideas.

Again, I really appreciate your efforts…


Not sure if it has any relation, but I was having weird display issues on my machine recently and finally figured out that it wasn’t happening on others. Turned out to be an extension, I turned them off but it persisted until I turned them off, cleared caches, and quit safari and restarted the computer. In that order.

Very strange, hard to know if it’s local or not unless you have other machines to test with.

Little Snitch ? it’s and application.
You’d probably have thought of that had you had it installed. Clutching a straws.
GoDaddy may have an answer for you.

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Yeah, I have Little Snitch but it’s not active. Funny thing, I did a preview in FF, just for the hell of it and the google fonts showed up fine. Hmmmm…wonder what that means. And the plot thickens…leaning toward some problem with the server and hopefully GoDaddy will have the answer.

Thanks guys.


Sorry for the delay in letting anyone interested know how I fixed the problem. Didn’t have to contact GoDaddy. I was racking my brain as to what was causing Google fonts not to show up online on my websites and offline on my computer. Driving me crazy. But I wasn’t getting any complaints from any of my clients which made the problem even more mysterious. I use Google fonts on most of my clients websites.

I’m almost embarrassed…no, I AM embarrased to let you know that even though I was advised to check my firewall, that I completely neglected to check Avast.

I’ve been running Avast, which is an antivirus, anti phishing, everything program for several years and love it. So when the mysterious google font disappearing act began I never thought of disabling Avast. Even though Gary at Doobox and others told me that it could be a firewall problem. I never thought of Avast because I’ve never had to touch it for the 3 years or so that I’ve been using it.

Turns out, the last automatic update they did contained some changes to their anti-phishing algorithms which included blocking Google fonts (as well as some other sites) from being downloaded to my computer.

I added ‘’ to its whitelist and all is well. I’m an idiot for not checking Avast before running to Doobox and the RealMac community.

Again, sorry I didn’t ‘come clean’ sooner but I wanted to wait until my face stopped looking as red as a lobster. And, too, there was a lot of work backed up because of this problem.

Thanks again for the help, especially Gary at Doobox, and sorry for the bother.


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Thank you SOOOO much for updating us on the issue… great exercise in forgetting whats running on a Mac that can cause an issue… hopefully will help out others!

Hope you still have some hair left :wink:


That’s ok Brad. Bald is ‘in’ this year. :confused:


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