Customise Tesla theme background

I have a feeling that the answer is going to be no, but is there a way of changing the background image (NY Skyline?) on the Tesla theme?

It’s a beautiful theme, but I’m thinking about using it in building a site for a UK based business so wondering if I could maybe change it to an image of Big Ben/other UK landmark.

Thanks so much

Search is your friend! See this response here

Thanks so much, I actually did search but got over complicated and too general!

“customise background image” or something similar didn’t really narrow it down.

Thanks again

Hi, I am using Rapidweaver 8.7 TESLA theme. I am trying to add my own jpg instead of one of the fault banners.

I have copied my jpg into Resources, and added the CSS below. All I get is a white box instead of my image. I have tried “resource” and “resources”.

Arghhh! What am I doing wrong?!?!

header {

I’ve just tested your code and it works fine. When it didn’t work was if the file format was incorrect such as the pictures I was copying into the resources were heic format and they don’t work.

Thanks Nick - I’ll maybe try a PNG? Not heard of heic format before. Will keep you posted.

HEIC is the new default picture format used when taking pictures on your iPhone or iPad.

Apparently some browsers already support it but not all.

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Ah, so I am getting somewhere…

When I put the CSS in the inspector for a page, the image works OK.
However when I put the CSS in ‘Code’ under CSS in the Setting on the left, it doesn’t work.

Why would that be?

I just tsted it and it works for me.

Perhaps a screenshot of what you have in the code section, or even better a URL to a test page.