How to change style picture?

I was wondering whether somebody could advise me how to change a style image in Rapidweaver 8 using MacOS Mojave. The location of the file is: rw_common/themes/tesla/images/banners/banner_7.jpg

Unfortunately, I cannot find the file.

Kind regards.

Max, the standard Tesla theme is availabe as a free version within Rapidweaver.
Whilst this version doesn’t have the option to use your own banner images there is a Pro version from Elixir Graphics for $25 which does.

With the Pro version you may have up to 20 different custom banner images.

Just give your custom banner image the name of e,g, “banner1.jpg” and drag the file to to RW resources. You then can reference it within the “Banner Background” setting of the Tesla Pro theme with “Custom Banner 1” - and you’ll get your custom image displayed. For further banner images use respective naming; eg. for “banner2.jpg” chosse “Custom Banner 2” as reference etc.

Hope this helps.

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