Cyber Monday -- 50% off All Plugins

YourHead Software - @YourHeadSupport: A little early Cyber Monday sale.
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50% Off Every Plugin*
Use code CYBER50MONDAY at checkout.

2020-11-28 22.11.09

Sale starts now but ends promptly on Monday at midnight (EST), so don’t be late.
*Not valid for bundles or upgrades or with other promotions. Please see linked page for complete details.


Finally bought Stacks, thanks!

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I know that there are always some folks that need every bit of help they can get – especially right now during the pandemic.

Please send your friends. Give the code to your relatives. Buy a copy for your church or mosque or synagogue.

If you’re on twitter sharing our tweet can help get a few more people in the door:

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SiteMap is an excellent plugin for anyone with a website that has lots of pages (helped my SEO) and is a steal at half price.

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Woah! We had a great response to our sale. So huge that we filled the disk of our web server. Amazing.

Things are back online if you want to give things another go.

Since we’re all build web sites here, I thought I’d share all the nerdy details about the crash. Here’s what happened:

the mysql database that records if people unsubscribe or if email bounces saves all it’s transactions – a log so detailed that it can replay it and recover data if things crash. There was so much traffic to our server that these log files overwhelmed the database.

I quadrupled the size of the disk – and it filled that too. In about 30 seconds. :scream:
So, I purged most of the transaction logs. And now things are running smoothly.

But this, to me, is a lesson about why flat-file-websites (like the ones that RapidWeaver makes) are so great: no database. No gigabytes of log files. Just sending a little HTML from a simple Apache server.

My main site at with the store and all the downloads was getting all the same traffic – even more – and serving much bigger files – and it didn’t even slow down. The traffic was barely noticeable.

Stick with flat-file sites like RapidWeaver whenever you can. Databases are just no fun.

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