50% off Stacks -- One Day Only

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… and every other plugin we sell.


use code ILOVEPLUGINS to get 50% off every plugin.


(sorry, only one discount at a time – so not good for bundles, upgrades, cross-grades, edu discounts, etc.)

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oops, i was trying to extend the discount for a few more hours – and accidentally shortened it. i think a few people got bumped while i was fiddling this morning.

if you tried and got rejected, give it another go – should be working again – till the end of the day eastern time.


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Couldn’t find the answer on the YourHead site…I just upgraded to RW 7 so all my YourHead plugins date back to 2009. I couldn’t see if there are discounted upgrades available for any of these, except a half price upgrade for Stacks 2 to Stacks 3. I have several of the older plugins: Carousel, Accordian, Blocks, Stacks, can’t remember what else … and some of those say they require RW 6. Does that mean they don’t work with 7?


Hello Isaiah, Pluskit 3 to 4 is a free upgrade, I guess, isn’t it ?

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All our plugins current versions are designed to work with RapidWeaver 7. A few also work with RapidWeaver 6 too.

I’m afraid upgrades, bundles, and educational discounts are can’t be combined with today’s Cyber Monday sale. Sorry.

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No, PlusKit 4 is $19.95 for new users and $9.95 for users of ANY previous version.

i know you didn’t ask – but i thought i’d write a bit about upgrades, especially about PlusKit – read on if interested. :smiley:

when the main version number changes (e.g. PlusKit 3 --> PlusKit 4) – that usually means there was a large amount of work put into the upgrade, like new features, new UI, new API, etc – and means we’re going to ask users to pay a bit for the new stuff. we usually charge 50% for upgrades, but are generous in their timeframe – you can upgrade today – or in two years. take you’re time. :smiley:

in the case of PlusKit, RapidWeaver 7 made PlusKit’s job quite a bit more challenging – so in order to keep it working as expected a huge rewrite of some of the core functionality was required.

on a personal note, this was also right after we took over the LogHound plugins – so we had to come up to speed on a large codebase VERY VERY fast – it was a bit unexpected – and delayed Stacks by > 3 months. :frowning:
to be honest – we lost quite a bit of money on that. but felt like the RW community deserved a functional plugin, even if it meant a bit of sacrifice.

and it think it worked out. PlusKit is a much more solid plugin now – and is a much more well behaved plugin citizen within the RW7 API. :smiley:
and with a bit of luck that altruism, elbow-grease, late-night-coding will translate into a long-term profit – even if it takes a couple years.



That’s fine with me Isaiah. On the page http://yourhead.com/pluskit it says “Upgrade from PlusKit 2 for just $9.95”, but there’s no “upgrade from PlusKit 3” mention. As I just installed RW7, I wasn’t sure what I had to do. I will gladly pay for the upgrade.


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Ahh… yes… well… see… it’s complicated. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The PlusKit upgrade situation was very unique. But it boils down to something pretty simple:

If you bought PlusKit from LogHound (the original author) – then you have to pay for the upgrade.

If you bought PlusKit from YourHead (that’s me) – then the upgrade is free.

And it’s easy to check. If you install PlusKit 4 – and it asks you to pay – then that means you need to. If it doesn’t ask – that means you have a fully registered copy and you’re good to go. :slight_smile:

And again… I’ve written a small book… so read on in case you’re interested for the complete backstory on that one. Or skip if you have anything at all better to do. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So, in early 2016 I took over all the plugins from LogHound. When I did, I “spruced them up” a bit. This included a much simplified registration process that I use for my other plugins. And I updated the version, in this case to PlusKit 3. But we didn’t actually charge an upgrade fee.

There were no major features – but new ownership seemed to merit a big version change.

About a year later… RW7.1 made HUGE changes to the API – and well… blammo… we had to do a major upgrade. Fast.
So… PlusKit 4 happened – that was almost a year ago now.
And… here… we did charge an upgrade fee.

But see… I hate doing that. Some poor folks had just bought PlusKit 3 like 6 or 9 months before. They paid $20 and now just a little while later I was asking for more money? Especially when the major feature was “hey wow – it works again with RW 7.1” No way. I couldn’t do it.

This was a really unique situation – so we broke away from the simple “always charge for major versions rule”

In this case we re-wrote the rule to be “if you paid me ANY money EVER for PlusKit – then you get PlusKit 4 for free”.

And it boils down to this:

  • if you bought PlusKit from Loghound – you have to pay for the upgrade.
  • if you bought PlusKit from YourHead – you get it for free.

And the plugin knows which is which. If you install it and run it – it will nag you about paying ONLY if it needs to. If you bought PlusKit 3 from YourHead – it just magically works. Cool, right!?



Thanks for the long post Isaiah, it’s perfectly clear. I have paid the upgrade and it works fine !

(Karen) #10

I figured that…I was trying to decide if I should get the bundle, since most of the individual plugins would need updating, and couldn’t calculate without knowing what plugins that I already have would still work, how many would work if I upgraded them, and for some of them I didn’t find an upgrade cost’

Will assume everything currently listed on your site works with 7, and anything that’s not listed won’t work.

Thanks for responding.

(Isaiah Carew) #11

All our plugins are “Try before you buy” – so feel free to download them and give them a shot – make sure they work in your use-case and that you really need them.

I’d love to sell you some great tools – but I really really don’t want you to pay for things you don’t need. :smiley:

So, download, install, give 'em a whirl.


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