Displaying office hours

Hello, I’m working on a website for my clinic and thought it would be a nice touch to have a little bit of content displaying my office hours. Not just a list of times but something that would say whether I’m open right now.

I looked at Joe Workmans Tardis and it looks pretty good but I’m not sure how customisable it is.
For example I’d like to have Thursday say from 9-12 doing treatment type x, then say closed from 12-2 and finally say from 2-6 doing treatment type y.
I don’t know if Tardis, or any other time display stack will allow me to do more than a simple open/closed, the video he made for the Tardis stack didn’t show that specific type of fiddly setting.

Thought I’d ask some experts,

Opening Hours by Doobox might do the trick https://www.doobox.co.uk/stacks_store/demos/openinghours.html

That is pretty much what I’m looking for, that twice a day option is useful.
Too bad there’s no demo for it, I’d like to see it in action and how well it fits well into extracontent sections, even a floating body or footer section.
Well worth considering though, thanks!

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