Deep Sequoia Integration

It will be interesting to see how the new macOS Sequoia is at integrating apps and features from the OS to 3rd party. Back in the day Rapidweaver was really good with this. I would love to see this feature come back to the Realmac line. ie.: Right click to edit an image and then once saved, back to Elements for web processing, all automagically.

Ah yes, we’ve always loved to support native macOS features, and still do!

I have good news about image round tripping, we already support it in both Classic (and Elements)…


How about integration into a Notes doc or Pages, Word. This way I can have the raw text in one place and the final dressed version in Classic or Elements?

I’m not sure macOS has the APIs to support that :thinking: Would be cool if it did though!

Maybe make your own text editor. It doesn’t even have to be a standalone product. Just leave it inside Classic and Elements. Then I can edit the raw text and have it automatically update in the layout. Kind of like a distraction free editor.

What would be really cool is the ability to pre-format with h1-h3 tags, paragraphs, block quotes, tables, basically like notes does now. It just retains and applies these tags to the Classic and Elements bits when it is drag and dropped into the page layout or later saved after editing. Again automagically!

EDIT: It would be useful if it also mimicked the structure tree. Just in regards to the location of the page hierarchy. Not the dom.