⚡ Defligra stacks are now a part of Weaver's Space

I would like to announce that the Defligra family of stacks will be joining the Weaver’s Space family!

First things first… I want to give a huge thank you to Tommy Hansen for the years of innovation and support that he has given the community. I am confident that all of his stacks are in good hands and we will continue their development. Tommy assures me that he will still be active in the community and will continue to use RapidWeaver and Stacks for many years to come.

For now defligra.com will remain a separate domain. Over time the stacks will be migrated over to the main Weaver’s Space website. You are free to purchase everything on defligra.com. You will receive the same level of service as if you purchased it directly off weavers.space.

All support will now be handled by me at Weaver’s Space. Check out my support page for all of the way we can help you out.

In terms of getting stack updates released… I will release updates on an as needed basis. Luckily, Tommy was using my open source stack update service, so getting everything migrated to my servers was painless. I do not currently plan on shipping updates simply to swap out the developer name.

What is your favorite Defligra stack?

Let me know what your favorite defligra stack is here in the comments! You may be able to help me figure out which stacks I will start migrating over. Then get some awesome updates out the door…


Years ago, I used to use several defligra stacks. Lately, I only use Panimation, GoGrid (and quite infrequently) Center and Browser Detective.

Among these only Panimation is a unique stack not seen offered by others. I keep it on my main website. Others could be replaced/substituted by products from various developers. It would be nice to see Joe modernize and expand Tommy’s stacks, so that they will stand on their own, without becoming obsolete.

BTW, good luck to Tommy in his new chapter in the book of life… And I’m glad his work will not go to waste…


Without doubt, THE BEST Defligra stack – and probably the BEST STACK of ALL TIME – is the animated bug. You can see it in action here:


You’re right! And that’s a really nice looking site.

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I do like the bug

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I will not admit that I literally thought there was a bug on my screen. #gullible


Thanks Rob! I made that for my alter-ego. Original Foundation, mostly BWD stacks and a couple of S4S.

You have just won a coupon for digital download of Strange Days On Earth’s “Sign Of Life”. :smiley:

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