DeFliGra New Site Summer Sale + GoGrid Stack

I’ve updated my site… and it’s summer here in DK. Best day a year! All Stacks worth over 180$ on sale for 45$. Most Stacks (over 40) are priced 5$ each.

I’m working on new copy paste demos of ALL Stacks… they’re coming during the next week / two weeks. And there’s of course the 19 free Stacks you can download right now.

My new RapidWeaver Stacks website is uploaded like… minutes ago. So it’s not perfect… I’ll work on that during the next coupe of… days. is created with the Foundation theme + my own & the Stacks default stacks.

Two new Stacks has been released: The GoGrid – quite uniq. You can see it live at the frontpage of And the ScreenDesigns: Full Scale Hover Image Animations for the ‘wild site’. And yes – I like U2.

Updates to a lot of my stacks are coming during the next week. If you’re on twitter you can follow the update sequence:

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Congrats on the new site @defligra , very nice! Thanks for the Bundle Sale, too, great value!


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I’ve taken the time to create a 2.45 minutes demo video of the new GoGrid Stack and some of the unique features. The GoGrid is made for speed!

More videos coming during the next weeks.

Watch it here or visit the page:

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Hi, looking at your catalog, you like developing grid stacks, does this latest stack do everything the the other ones do?

You’re right about that :slight_smile: First Stack I ever did – was a grid / column stack. FlexGrid. Before the world went responsive… I tried to get some (of the few at that time) developers to do it – but nobody seemed to think it was a good idea. So I took 2 days off work and worked through the weekend to learn the basics… and developed my first Stack. But that’s history now. And there’s a lot of grid Stacks around.

The GoGrid uses the new Stacks 3 features (+) among other things. And you define the width of the columns with a width from & to – and the GoGrid will auto space all the columns on different screen sizes depending on your choice. But there’s an option to override the choice by entering af user defined BreakPoint.

This means that if you have say 7 columns in your grid and only room for 4 in the first row – the GoGrid will autospace the remaining 3 to fully width below. This is great in my case ( – but might not be what you want in other cases (fixed with below width of SmartPhone width). In my case it was what I wanted – to make the layout as easy to complete as possible.

So it’s pretty different than the rest – but still a Grid Stack. I use it all over (front page especially). I created the GoGrid when I wanted to redesign my own site – as easy as possible.

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