Deleted files from server and all formatting now gone

In an effort to “clean up” files on the server I deleted everything and re published my site from Rapidweaver. Now all my formatting, page design, images are gone and I have no idea how to get it back. Can anyone help?


Try giving Republish All Files a try from RapidWeaver. I suspect this will fix things up for you.

I did, and it worked. Thank you so much. I had marked each page as changed, but I guess there was a lot of other items to upload that didn’t get uploaded that way. I am actually using your Rustic theme on my site, so thank you for that as well as your tech support.

My contact form still is not displaying right, but at this point, I"m just glad to have the site back. Thank you again.

Marking pages as changed is not the same thing as a republish all files. Republish all files republishes everything from the project file. Glad to hear you got it working!

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