Restoration of Files

I recently ran out of hard drive space and unfortunately moved some files around without paying close attention to where I put them. I had to reinstall rapid weaver and the last iteration of my site is not there (as a recent file). I can still see all of the files that I uploaded to the site locally, but the index.html was not there. I downloaded it from the remote server (godaddy), but when I click on the file, I can only see links and no images, theme, or background (only text). How do I go about opening my site locally? Do I need to download the entire public_html directory from the remote server? Will I have to build another page and re-upload it? HELP!

If you had RW configured as default before you’re reload then it will have placed a backup copy of your project onto your websever. Have a look for a folder in your html folder online that starts with a string of numbers but ends in rwbackup.

Take a look in there.

In order to edit your file, you need to have a copy of the RW project file. You cannot just download the html files from your web server. RW keeps all of it’s settings and options in it’s project file. When you publish (locally or directly to your web server), RW generates the actual HTML/CSS/PHP code that your web server needs.

If you published directly to the web server and had the option set to backup your project file (advanced settings), you can download that project file to be able to edit your website again.

It actually sounds like you’re saying that the project does not appear in recent files when you open RW. Have you searched your hard drive with Spotlight to find the actual project file? Search for “rw8”, if you had last edited it in RW8.


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