Been tearing my hair out (considering throwing laptop out of window etc.), thinking that updates were not ‘publishing’. I have enabled Develop menu on my toolbar and even after clear cache and refresh, the latest update is not showing. But, when I republish and click on Visit, all the changes have been published.

I had messed around in SiteGround File Manager so I deleted the FTP db and deleted everything from the public_html folder and yet there is still some legacy file being published, unless there is a lag between publishing and it going live?

If anything one know anyone who can help directly, please DM me.

Has your page changed form .html to ,php which will happen if the page requires PHP

A URL would help here.

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Showing as

not the duplicate as above

is what I am seeing, not the duplicate as above, sorry

Might try to republish all files.

If that’s a screenshot of the website it looks like you might have deleted some of the support files (like CSS)

This is all I see at that URL

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