Cpanel Question

I have been having some problems deleting files and/or resources in my cPanel.

When I open the public_html folder I can see all the current pages on my most recently published website.

I can also see some zombie pages for which I have deleted the files and index.html several times. When I click on those files I get a message saying “the directory is empty” but I cannot make it go away.
When I sorted by size I found I had inadvertently loaded a 25MB CR2 image file from lightroom.
I’ve deleted this and several other relatively heavy files several times. I have both "Skip the trash and permanently delete the files and moved the files into the trash then delete the trash.

I can’t seem to make these files go away.

Any suggestions why they are still present?

Please supply a URL (of your (published) site); and the name of the host whose ‘cPanel’ you are using to allow us to help you :-).

Hi @cabinetmaker

i would try refreshing the browser first to make sure the page isn’t cached in your local browser. i would also try another browser to make sure there isn’t any browser extensions installed which are interfering with the Javascript on the page.

Hope that helps give you a start


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