Delta Theme. Add 2nd vertical navigation bar and color Circle and RGB sliders

I use Delta Theme for my web pages and web site. It does almost everything I want.
However, I would like to customize Delta Theme, just a little bit.

First, I would like to add an additional, vertical navigation bar to Delta Theme.

Second, I would like a color Circle and RGB sliders for the Delta Theme vertical navigation bar. This would allow me to customize the fonts and navigation bar colors for each web page.

Who would do this work? Is it expensive? Obviously, it’s a matter of code writing.

I am not a developer. I know no code. That’s why I use RapidWeaver (RW6).

I am not in business. My web site is solely for my hobby. <>
I run a Mac Pro OSX 10.11.5 El Capitan. 12 GB of Memory
RapidWeaver 6 version 6.4 is my software program.

Thank you,


Yuzool has started doing customizations. I don’t know if this is up @kryten or @Turtle 's alleys or not.

Thank you. At least it’s a starting point.