Theme with a vertical menu - recommendations

Anyone have a recommendation for a clean businessy theme with a vertical navigation?

And at this stage I’m not thinking of either Freestack Responsive or Foundation. I’d like an actual designed theme.

Oh, and not Wilderness because I’ve used that quite a lot.


When done tastefully NCD dashboard can look tremendous and very professional. Recommended.

MDD Paramount can come out well, but, in my experience, requires a bit more careful handling.

Storm by Will Woodgate looks really smart too, though I have not worked with it myself.

I’m sure that whatever you pick you’ll make a great job of it.

Multi Themes Flexer is a nice theme with a vertical menu IMO.

Avenue, Storm and Tornado all feature vertical navigation layouts.

Affero by 1LD, Navigator by Elixir, Strata by Nick Cates, XXL, Foton2, Infinite R, and Podium by Henk Vrieselaar, and Traveller and Cardinal by Michael David Designs also do vertical navigation. Of these I’d look at Navigator and Strata.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I don’t think there’s anything I can do with Dashboard to make it work with the logo.
I’m a huge fan of Themeflood themes but those three feel a bit chunky for this project.
Affero has an odd ‘flicker’ effect when you move from page to page which I’m not keen on.
Navigator, Strata, Cardinal and Traveller all have that ‘always on’ hamburger menu rather than a proper vertical nav and it just won’t do for this site. I think it would feel a bit tricksy for this client.

God I sound picky…

I’ll check Henk’s themes ( I have Podium) and I’m considering MDD’s Paramount.
I’ll also have a look at the Multithemes one.

Funnily enough, it’s my own fault. I was the one who suggested a vertical nav and the client likes the idea. Ho hum…:sunglasses:


I’m open to any suggests for designs / ideas of new themes with vertical navigation. :wink:

I think something ultra-simple would suit this. Something with the feel of Flood but with the navigation of Wilderness, minus the title bar stuff. Wilderness feels more delicate and precise than the other Themeflood themes you mentioned.

Hmm, I’ve now gone away and looked at Wilderness again. I’d forgotten you can hide the title bar and EC7 might do for the logo. I may be able to fudge something together to get what I want.

I’ve been searching for a theme with a very simple clean vertical navigation as well. No lines or pop out submenu’s. Someone posted an example of a photographers site ( a few months ago, with a clear vertical menu fixed to the sidebar. Something along this line would be a great additional to the theme library. It may be that this is achievable with some of the existing themes but they tend to focus on horizontal navigation.

A couple new themes with vertical sidebar navigation have been released in the past few weeks:

Majestic by Elixir
Omnicon by 1LD.

Both look very nice.

And here we are with Rapidweaver
ever 8… and I have to say that @Will Woodgate’s theme TORNADO, with it’s vertical side navigation, is absolutely beautiful. AND… his support is AMAZING! For someone who must be incredibly busy being creative as well as thinking, thinking about problem-solving and design and code… he has replied to me 3 times, within the hour. Fantastic support!

@Henk Vrieselaar had a wonderful theme called XXL-R, which works up to and including RW 7; the slick animation when one of the links was clicked in the navbar, is really lovely.

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