Preview not the same upon publish (Delta Theme) RW6

RW’s built-in Theme (Delta) publishes entirely different than preview:
Body of image all the same color upon publish, side bar gone, but placed on top. Upon switching back to original theme…no problem.
Running: Stacks 3, RW6.4 on Mac Pro OSX 10.11.5 El Capitan
Preview Image:

Publish Image:

It seems to be failing to find the relevant CSS file(s).

Have you experimented with CSS Consolidation?

No, since I do not know what “consolidation” is; However, I do know my ISP (internet service provider),, does not subscribe to the CSS service…not all ISPs do, I understand…

Any idea if there is a workaround? Do some addons require the ISPs to subscribe to that company’s service? If so, how would I know which addon requires CSS? Thank you.

My error: Confused CSS with a thing called CPanel…So…looked briefly into JoeWorkman’s CSS tutorial…did not find the “consolidation” process…I will try to discover that process unless you have a moment to give some direction. Thanks for our help MarkSealey

I believe it is a preference in RapidWeaver, but not on a computer to check right now

EDIT - Yup, look under advanced:

Thank you Zeebe and Mark! Checked the preferences consolidate box and republished…SUCCESS! :sunglasses:

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Great news, Gustav; thanks for letting us know.

Consolidate CSS has a checkered history - but the consensus now is to check the box, this is, to leave it on!