Delta Theme- Adding Images to Homepage

I’m using the Delta theme to re-create a website for someone. (Was using Offroad, but hit too many issues in it and switched.) I don’t want to have to change themes yet again.

I’m trying to insert images into the homepage. For whatever reason, for both themes I’ve used so far, I am not able to do so. I have no problem adding images to my other pages which are all styled text pages.

This is what it looks like adding an image to the home page:
50 AM

Any idea why the homepage in particular won’t let me add images or any way around it? I have tried drag and drop, ![alt text] (location_of_image.jpg), and copy/paste of the image. No luck in any of those. I wanted to have this site done last week but because I keep having to change things around or running into issues such as this, I’m a bit behind and need to get it up and running before people start to get upset with me.