Unable to edit home page

I’ve looked around the forums and cannot find anything that clarifies my problem. I am using the HV-Rainbox DD theme. I created a blank home page, three top level pages, and four subpages. The web page for my development is


I’ve tried editing the home page, but all I can do is add text and drag in images. If I add something like styled text, a unnamed page is added.

Am not to designate a page as the home page until I am totally done with it?

Help would be appreciated, but I am starting to think that RapidWeaver lacks decent documentation.

I don’t personally know that theme, but it looks like it’s a “splash screen style”, which means, your home page will lead you to the other pages. So it doesn’t look like you can do much with the home page… not sure but check your theme style settings and make sure that’s not checked.
and, btw, I googled for it, and there seems to be a good manual for the theme… http://www.henkvrieselaar.com/manual/manual_rainbow/

I’ve looked at the manual before, but it does not talk about this problem. I’ll make a duplicate and edit it before making it home.

thank you

When you say you created a ‘blank home page’ - what type of page is it?

Styled Text?
or something else?


I may be making assumptions but I’d say it sounds like you’re trying to mix plugins / page types.

If you have your home page, and are attempting to add Styled Text by clicking the Add Icon (the ‘Plus’ button), and selecting Styled Text from the menu, you are actually telling Rapidweaver to add a new Page and to make that page a Styled Text type of page.


You are 100% correct. Good learning experience for me. thank you.