🍊 Squash 2 for Mac Launch Offer — Compress your images for faster loading websites!

Hey Guys,

We’ve just launched Squash 2 for Mac (we’ve been developing it for a while as some of you know).

So what does Squash do?
In short… Squash will optimise the file size of any image you throw at it. Squash can maintain their existing quality while reducing file size and saving space. This in turn will make your webiste land faster. Pretty neat, hey!

You can read more about exactly what it does over on the Squash website: Powerful Batch Photo Editor for Mac - Squash

We’re launching today with a special 60% discount for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So if you want to grab a copy now would be the time.

It’s available directly and from the Mac App Store.



Instant purchase for me :slight_smile: I have just squashed a file. Original size: 1,1 MB,Squashed file: 683kB, also optimized the same image with image optim and it gave me 729kB so Suash wins! Great job guys!

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What’s the differences to the old Squish besides changing the I to an A in the name?
Are there any improvements to the compress routines?

Thanks Dan, excellent offer so purchased straight away to add to my collection of utilities :smile:

I had the original version and found it very useful (but not always), so bought version 2.

Can Squash change image size too?

Not yet, but it’s something I’d like to add to it!

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Purchased. Features say touch bar support, but doesn’t look like its present in version 2.01

Ah, we did add support for it, but haven’t been able to test it out on a real machine yet. Should be able to in the next few weeks (as soon as we get our hands on one).

We should have it working with Touch Bar support very soon. Sorry about that!

No problem Dan. Look forward to that update which touch bar support.

Now for RW for have touch bar support :wink:

We’re working on it. What features would you like to see in the Touch Bar for RW?

Good question.

For me, shortcuts to the stacks library (and related info bar) as well as the shortcuts to the inspector pane (eg. general settings, ,meta data, etc.) would be ideal. Quick preview button too please :slight_smile:

I hope others can chime in too…

I just bought this and I’m very impressed with it.

It seemed to produce a better result than my usual goto app for this purpose.

Nice one.

And how long before you stop supporting this app? I have a graveyard of Realmac app licenses…

  • Clear
  • Ember
  • Courier
  • Deep Dreamer
  • Typed

I love Rapidweaver, but I’m a little wary of anything else Realmac produces anymore…

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In all fairness, @GRMacGeek,

Clear is still supported and working as expected for nearly all users
Ember is still working (do you have 1.8.5) albeit without Dropbox support
Courier is gone.
Deep Dreamer (71squared.com) and Typed is now Focused (http://codebots.co.uk) are still out there and working and being supported.

Kinda, sorta…

  • Clear used to be my goto ‘task app’ and open constantly on all my devices, but it hasn’t been updated on the Mac since April 2015 and there are sync issues now… The forums have disappeared, and even any mention of the app on the Realmac website is gone… I had to delete it and use something else
  • Ember, I’m sure it still works, but I had to move on with a different app that is actually still being supported

And yes the other apps still exist, as other developers have picked them up… It still doesn’t answer how long Realmac will support Squash

This app makes more sense as a product that could be integrated into Rapidweaver somehow in the future, so that might give it some legs.

(Although, let the guys have their launch day wouldya! :sunglasses:).

I’m with the legendary @jabostick.

I, too, have had qualms in the past, but I really like the direction that RM is taking. A core product with complementary products built around it (Squash, courses, community site). I think it shows maturity and sound business.

Easy purchase and some real slick design work.

FYI after I purchased this last night, my credit card info was stolen and I had to cancel my card. Anyone else?