Design and Page Speed Problems - Rapid Weaver

I have multiple problems with page speeds of my sights for example Try testing them in google! I am looking for a very experienced user to help tidy them up for a fee or someone who can talk me through the process and point to the relevant training materials.

Please email me with your contact details

It seems pretty zippy to me, is there a specific page with a load time issue?


It opened up instantaneously for me. Perhaps you were assessing the loading speed in RapidWeaver’s Preview mode instead of online? In that case, everything works normal.

I was trying it using Google page speed app, I do not know how accurate it is but it did report a large number of problems Here is the link
I do not know how accurate it is it might just be them blowing things out of proportion but the page will need to pass as good to rank high and reduce adwords costs

Here is the link

It comes up with load of errors, there might be a quick fix you will have put advanecd assessments url in it

Just looked at your test results. Some of the items maybe out of your control, as you are using RW a theme based product. Make sure in settings>advanced you have minify CSS and java script checked, and consolidate CSS.

I don’t use the insight tool but use
Have you used an optimizer for your images?

As for compress transfers, that would need to be available from you hosting company. Something like gzip. Leverage browser caching would require changes to your HTTP header to allow browsers to cache your content.

A free account with CloudFlare would take care of these last two:

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